I decided to hire a coach because I knew I was falling into old habits that were preventing me from finding a stable, loving relationship. Shirley gave me the guidance and the courage to communicate more openly, honestly and directly. I attribute her coaching to giving me one of life’s greatest gifts – a wonderful marriage to the man of my dreams who is caring, honest, stable, generous and humorous. I was starting to believe that might not be possible. I would highly recommend Shirley to anyone who is looking for a highly skilled, effective and caring coach.

-M.S. Occupational Therapist and Business Owner

Shirley helped me work through several challenging work situations involving strategic business decisions, conflict with my peers, adapting to change, and career choices. Through her coaching I was able to more clearly and objectively think through these challenges, take action to resolve or manage these situations and moved towards important career and personal goals. Because of Shirley’s coaching, I am feeling more in control, focused and confident.

-A.M. Senior Manager, Fortune 100 Company

For the past two years, Shirley has been with me every step of the way during some major times of change. She has never told me what to do about a particular situation – she simply has the most amazing knack of being able to ask the right questions so that I become fully clear about my direction. Shirley has been a great support and mentor to me – the work that we’ve done together is a key factor in my success.

-W.M. Entrepreneur.

The initial step on a new career path was almost insurmountable for me alone – together, it became a step by step process and I’ve accomplished what I thought was beyond me. Shirley helped me get beyond my self-doubts and reservations. I could NOT have reached my goal without her gentle and direct guidance.

-J.S. Community College Instructor

Prior to working with Shirley, I felt stuck and conflicted regarding my goals. I had several goals in my life but had not made any significant progress with them. Shirley asked great questions that helped me to break my goals down into achievable parts. She also helped me identify the desires and needs that underlie my goals. Now I have a clearly articulated vision statement of what I want in all areas of my life — and I feel energized and inspired to achieve it.

-E.H. Sales

Shirley is a warm and generous person. These qualities combined with her knowledge and focus has made such a positive impact on my life. When I first started working with Shirley I was feeling stagnant and frustrated. Within the safe environment she created, I slowly began defining myself and my goals — and I am building a stronger foundation with skills she has coached me in. Now I am feeling confident and inspired.

-J.P. Artist

Coaching has really helped me to clarify where I was stuck… It gave me the impetus to reclaim my life and my power. What I most valued about being coached by Shirley, was her complete honesty and directness… you can sense right away that she is completely trustworthy and authentic. She is an excellent listener, and very skilled at excavating the real issues.

-R.R. Writer and at-home Mom.

Shirley is trustworthy, professional, responsible and intuitive. Able to grasp and grapple with all the diversity of what a client brings in professional work and personal life, Shirley is engaged. She has helped me remember my potential, as a writing instructor, and as a human being.

– R.M. Author and Writing Instructor.

Take years of struggle, doubt and “doing it on your own” and transform it into clarity and a positive direction. Shirley is great to work with, totally safe. She really listens and helps to discover the real issues.

-C.S. Businesswoman.