Singles Coaching

Do you:

  • Yearn to be with someone who is “right” for you?
  • Want to be proactive in creating a life partnership?
  • Wish to avoid past mistakes and poor choices?
  • Want to live a life that you love and find the love of your life?

The desire to give and receive love, to share your life with another, is a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.  From the moment we awaken to that desire, we embark on a journey of growth. Every step and learning along the path to a loving relationship is important preparation for the relationship itself.  Every step is part of the process of gathering the skills, self-knowledge and receptivity for recognizing “the One” when he or she shows up.   Sometimes the process can be frustrating and discouraging.  Having a relationship coach can help you maintain a positive attitude as you date, learn new relationship skills and lay a solid foundation for the partnership your heart desires.

I have 4 exciting offers for you:

1)  Book your Complimentary Relationship Readiness Assessment . Shirley will send you a short Relationship Readiness Quiz to complete and book a 45 minute coaching phone session with you (at no cost) to debrief it.  You will learn about key areas of “readiness” that will impact your next relationship, discover how ready you actually are and identify how you can increase your likelihood of success in dating and your next relationship. You will also learn more about the following programs:

2)  Find out about the Conscious Dating – Self Discovery and Readiness Program. This one-to-one, confidential  coaching program (delivered by phone) will empower you in your quest for a long-term relationship and in creating positive change in your life now. By the end of this program, you will have a new clarity about what you want in relationship, a renewed sense of hope that you will find it,  and a game plan for finding lasting love. Book your complimentary coaching session with Shirley to discuss your situation and learn more about how this program can benefit you.

3)  Conscious Dating: Attracting the Love of Your Life Program is one-to-one phone coaching which focuses on the ongoing “process” of attracting a partner, and taking action related to this goal. It also includes building a successful life as a single with coaching related to your life & work goals.  If you are feeling discouraged or frustrated with this quest — or you fear you might repeat past mistakes in relationship — coaching can provide key support and feedback for your future relationship success. Book your complimentary coaching session with Shirley to discuss your situation and learn more about how this program can benefit you.

4) If one-to-one coaching is beyond your budget or you prefer to learn independently, then check out the Virtual Conscious Dating Program. Designed by the Relationship Coaching Institute, this online program will guide you through a self-study approach to prepare yourself for greater relationship success. Find out more here.

Here’s what a former client has to say about the Conscious Dating Program:

“If you are single or single again, I would highly recommend personal coaching and the Conscious Dating Program. It is a long-term investment in all your relationships and an enlightening process that will enrich your life. I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be but felt it would be helpful, after being in a dysfunctional marriage for over 20 years.

The program/coaching confirmed a lot of what I knew and sensed intuitively and helped me articulate it. It clarified who I am, what I was looking for and what I did and didn’t want in a relationship. It gave me confidence and a focus. It helped me sift and screen potential partners very quickly.

As it turned out, I met a wonderful man online (we were both 60 years young) and have been married for over two years. The coaching/program no doubt played a major role in knowing who I am and choosing a life partner.

I was very fortunate to have Shirley Vollett, as my coach and am looking forward to utilizing her services at the next level. Her professional yet warm approach helped me to discover for myself what I needed to know. Her resources and encouragement equipped and gave me the courage to follow my vision.
Thank you, Shirley!”