How to create and maintain healthy life boundaries

Mark your calendar!

I want to invite you to join me for a teleclass on September 21st, 9:00amPacific. Hosted by my friend and respected colleague, Jan Carley, we will be exploring the topic of boundaries. What are they? Why have them? How to be more effective in keeping them? I would love to have you join us!

“I’m just a girl who can’t say No!” How to create and maintain healthy life boundaries
Sept. 21st at 9:00amPacific
Hosted by Jan Carley, Possibility Coach
With Special Guest: Relationship Coach, Shirley Vollett

Do you have difficulty saying no? Are you so busy doing things for others that you have no time for yourself? Do you have difficulty confronting someone who has treated you poorly? Do you hesitate before standing up for what you want? Host Jan Carley is joined by special guest, relationship coach Shirley Vollett, for this probing and frank discussion about one of the areas that trips all of us up the most, that is, our inability and discomfort with setting and maintaining boundaries that work for our lives.

Learn some key insights around why we have difficulty setting or maintaining boundaries, why boundaries are good, why we need them and strategies for what to do when someone crosses a boundary. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn strategies to powerfully enhance this life skill.

Check out Jan’s entire Fab Fridays series here. You’ll need to register to listen in. The series is value-packed, there’s no cost, and I assure you that Jan will be informative, inspiring AND entertaining!

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